It’s been a while, quite a long silence…one for which I apologize since I hadn’t chosen to stop The GreenPick in order to fully focus on my job. Yet when life parameters change, sometimes, certain choices, regrettable as they may be, happen.

We would like to apologize to our readers as well as to our partners. We had to stop our activity for almost 1 year since:

  • We got married and this took up an insane amount of time, administering the logistics and full event setup for 100 people
  • I started a new job without fully realizing the impact that it will have
  • We both had some health issues related to my firing from my previous job and for Denis related to picking up a constantly growing amount of tasks and projects.

Overall, the time completely flew by and I lost some of the inspiration I had before since we travelled a lot less this past year and I was fully absorbed by my new job.

I decided to set aside The GreenPick for a while, since, as much as I am passionate about travel, I refuse to become a blogger who only thinks about partners and sponsors in order to make a living; I write since I am passionate about it and I would like to leave something behind in this world for my children so they can see & understand the struggle that we went through in order to make this world a bit of a better place. Unfortunately, looking for authenticity doesn’t pay off…it arrived in our lives at a point where we needed to make a choice.

I thought I could split myself amongst the projects currently running in my life, since I of course want to be Wonderwoman! But the reality proved me otherwise. I realized that traveling for work for such a big company takes a lot more from me than just time. I had forgotten…after 1 year of legal battles with my former employer I had gotten used to having free time to write and travel and research things in order to become more responsible in my daily life. I had even started a Bullet journal in which I was tracing my carbon footprint each day. It was during this time that I became vegan or let’s say flexitarian, limiting as much as possible animal-based products unless there was no other alternative possible, like for example large family meals where I ate whatever was being offered.

This period didn’t last long, just the time that it took me to realize that I want to become my own boss. However, that’s easier said than done, especially when the topics that I am interested in are the environment, tourism and animal preservation. So finally, as I was reaching the end of my savings, I started working again…

Honestly if anybody tells you that having a full-time job and maintaining a professional blog is possible, please introduce me to that person as I have not been able to manage and I would love to know how they balance having a life, being in a relationship, having friends and a blog on top of it all!

This is the story of my failure in a nutshell. But I have decided to change the way I manage my life and as much as I am fully invested in everything that I do, I can’t continue in this manner without risking an impact on my health and wellbeing. I am thinking about re-starting The GreenPick and still work despite the fact that it brings me little personal satisfaction. I love writing, sharing, I have the impression that I am better at it on paper than in real life interaction, Writing has always allowed me to share things that I don’t manage to convey through spoken word. Does that sound familiar to you too?

I have missed you, my dear readers who are taking the time to read this article written on a Sunday after a week of regular work, and I can’t wait to start writing again for you, for myself, for the good of the planet – my true passion.

Translation & Copy Editing by Liana Marinoiu

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