When we go on holidays, there are some essential accessories and gadgets to have in every travel pack for responsible travels!

When we go on holidays, there are some essential accessories and gadgets to have in every travel pack. Cameras, chargers, toiletries, tablet, computers..etc. We always go on holidays with objects that are supposed to ease our trip and add a little comfort to it.

But as Leonardo DiCaprio rightfully reminded during his Oscar speech, climate change is real and everyone needs to take action. Well, you can take some actions today with your travel pack!

Here is a list of  great and fun objects, that would fill all your needs while keeping the planet safe!

Biodegradable toiletries

We often forget when traveling to developing countries, that most don’t have an efficient water management systems like Europe or other developed countries. In general, we should always try to use biodegradable and biological products because there are better for our skin and for the environment, whichever the country. But this is even more important in developing countries or when you go into the wild , wash in natural places whilst staying in a hotel or not.  Not all hotels have filtration systems because there are quite expensive to carry out. So think about natural toothpaste, shampoos, shower gel, hair conditioner, sunscreens. They all need to go green.

A water flask or if you like high-techs, a filtered water bottle or a self-filling water bottle.

To reduce your unwanted purchase of water bottles in countries where tap water is not drinkable, take away your own bottle! From a simple flask or bottle to a high-tech bottle or a self-filling water bottle (filling with the water present in the air) the choice is vast but  in all cases this will be of great help to cut your waste, especially in a country where waste management is treated poorly.

Eco-charger or solar charger

To reduce your use of electricity, you can think of taking an eco-charger (we all know that our chargers consume energy even if it is not charging anything). Solar chargers are simply great if you have little access to the catch but also it allows you to recharge at anytime and anywhere

Reusable bag

Do not forget a reusable bag! Very useful when you go shopping or to carry on the trash when you have no other options! And it limits your plastic usage.

 Water-Powered Travel Alarm Clock

Ok this is really just a gadget, but it is so cool, we just wanted to present this funny and useful innovation!

Ultimate Rechargeable Battery

This gadget is not just a gimmick, it’s a revolution. Goodbye mercury and other highly toxic chemicals to the environment. And frankly, it avoids the weight of extra batteries!


Solar powered tent

A tent that self-recharge in the sun; incredible but true. It’s done by Kaleidoscope and Orange Communications. This tent will allow you to charge up to several devices at once and provide centralized heating! Unbelievable!


Patagonia outdoor products

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing & accessories brand and it’s known for its action in favor of the environment. Selling to its customers, coats with goose down duvet 100% traceable, limited use of chemicals and a company policy promoting sustainability and responsible consumption, Patagonia can be considered as a green brand for outdoor activities.




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