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First of all, thank you! Thank you because among the thousands of travel blogs out there, you found us and you are actually taking the time to read our About section! If that’s not a proof of interest and curiosity, I don’t know what this is!

Denis and I want to share our travel experiences worldwide focusing on authenticity, responsibility and self-awareness. Tourism, by developing in a sustainable way, can benefit to local economy and to the environment. We, as “green” travelers or responsible travelers want to guide you in giving you details on hotels, countries, cities  we visited and what we found to help you make your own choices, choices that matter to you and the planet. And maybe you can also help us by contacting us and giving us your suggestions! 

Who are We?
Denis and I met 5 years ago. We share the same passions, traveling. We both left our comfortable family home at the age of 16 years old to discover the world and to have our own experiences. I guess that’s what gave us this thirst for discovery and challenges. To learn more about all contributors to the GreenPick, click here.
From Corporate to Regenerate
If you want to find out how and why we became green travel bloggers, you can click here.
How do we fight mass tourism?
When talking about responsible travel, ecotourism or green travel, we think about the hippie traveler with his backpack sleeping in yurts. Some would  even say “We don’t want to end up cleaning the beaches while on vacation so thank you but no thank you for the responsible travel”! Prejudices are various and often justified because there is a real gap between the concept of a “green” traveler and what is a responsible travel in reality and the media do not really help in making this clearer. Through this blog, we want to show you that it is possible to travel responsibly without sacrificing anything of traditional holidays but just by choosing better. To do this, we will offer in each of our articles, a review of environmental practices, either through hotel reviews or actions in place in cities or countries we visit.

You will find on this blog:

  • discussions on the topics of ecology and green tourism
  • guidebooks on your favorite destinations
  • reviews of hotel and restaurants (we always try to discuss with the managers before writing the review)
  • suggested itineraries in various countries based on the greenest and most authentic experiences we had.
Work With Us
We are always seeking for new partners who share the same principles and goals. If you are interested in working with us, you can click here.

” If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

Why The GreenPick?

The idea of a green travel blog was born during a trip to Vietnam. We traveled from Hanoi to Nha Trang by bicycle and during our journey, we were both amazed and shocked. As every country, it had wonderful and unique places, some of which remain very well preserved and pristine . But it was also striking to see that in some areas toursim is developing wildly , in a non-ecological way and without the much needed preservation effort.

Most probably all of you had this sentiment sometimes during your travel around the world.  But what can you do about it?

the greenpick

We think that the most important action is the individual choices we make as travelers:

  • sleep in a hotel which cares about its ecological footprint by for example reducing the waste or investing in led lights
  • eat in a restaurant which promotes sustainable fishing and does not serve endangered species,
  • visit – and by doing so – promote the natural and cultural sites which invest in sustainable development
  • use eco travel gear and minimise your own waste etc…

It is also important  to raise the awareness in our social circles about the places which have irresponsible and damaging environmental attitude.

How can we help you?

Curious? Concerned? Worried? Caring?
You're a Traveler
  • We can help you make better hotel and restaurant choices
  • Our itineraries will guide you to find the greenest and most authentic spots
  • You will find plenty of tips to become more environment friendly
  • You will feel happier, healthier and lighter!
  • We can also support you if you are sharing the same goals
Green? Ecological? Carbon Neutral? Fully committed?
You're a Hotel/ a Restaurant
  • We can make a great review about your place to promote it on our channels
  • As we love talking about good practices, we will share yours as examples
  • You will find here a place where to get your message out
  • Our audience is adventurous and neophile, so you will be heard 🙂

We often feel as pawns in a checkmate. What can we do to change our lives? What can we do to change the society? If those questions raise it’s because many of us are not happy with the way our society interferes with our values and principles. Showing your favorite restaurants and hotels green practices while also giving you tips on green traveling will help you make better choice and live a healthier and happier life.

How can you help us?

The GreenPick is the inspirational and informative portal for a better tourism. It is as a tool for everyone to promote tourist attractions, various sites of interest and activities, restaurants and hotels, that share best practices around the world regarding ecology and sustainable development.

We truly hope this could become a movement and help tourism to change the way people think of travel. I am so tired to see garbage on the beach, desperate when I look at an hungry street dog, I feel ashamed when I look at pictures of wildlife being poached or simply badly treated by tourists who want to make a selfie.

This is why you can help us, by becoming a greener traveler and by sharing as much as you can the better ways of traveling.


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