brazil beach havaianasBrazil is the country with the richest biodiversity in the world.  It is a huge country, 16 times the size of France and 1.15 time the size of the US if you exclude Alaska.  Its dimensions and complexity, both marine and terrestrial, mean that it may never be completely described.  There are numerous ecosystems, each with unique characteristics, and the conservation of ecotones between them becomes crucial.

It’s also the country where you’ll see poverty and wealth next ot each other, where you’ll drink a Caipirinha in a bar named Bar Bin Laden, where you’ll see whales but also jaguars, where you have a statute of Jesus watching over you, where remains untouched nature and uncontacted tribes, where you’ll find the biggest African city outside Africa, where 92% of new cars produced run  with ethanol, where an Iphone cost double than in the US, and where Mickael Jackson recorded the video “They don’t care about us”.



The currency is the Real also witten this way : R$. 1R$ = 0.25€ or 0.28$

Careful! Brazil is not such a cheap country! Big Mac index : 3.35 placing it above Singapore and Japan!


The national language is Portuguese. Useful sentences can be found here.

You want to sound local? Here’s a few typical expressions... Pre caramba!



Brazilian cities are among the most dangerous on the planet with very high crime rates.

But don’t worry, if you travel there being cautious, not going to the favelas and not wearing jewellery, you will be safe.


Most nationalities don’t need a visa to visit Brazil, especially if you come from North America or Europe. If you are from elsewhere, check with the Brazilian embassy in your country.

Buying online is rather difficult for foreigners as you need a CPF (national ID) number to finalize the payment. Try to find websites allowing to pay without this number!


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There are not many corals in Brazil, so if you dive, best locations are Fernando de Noronha, or around Salvador for wreck diving. 


public transportation iconFlying through Brazil is easy: 3 main Brazilian low-costs : Avianca, Gol and Azul.

No trains in Brazil. Most common to travel between cities is the bus. Check this website for tickets

Public transportation in the cities is not recommended, prefer shuttles (Onibus), agencies arrangements or taxis.

leaf iconSeeking for nature? 3 areas definitely worth the visit : the Pantanal, the Chapada Diamantina and the Amazonia.

Eco-hack: responsible tourism is beginning to rise in Brazil but much can still be done, so choose wisely! If you can, visit one of the biggest worlwide association saving Turtles : Tamar Project

Where to go ?

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