Looking for more sustainable, original and budget gifts for Christmas? You can find here a list of ideas you could use to green your Christmas celebration!

As Christmas holidays have officially started, we thought it would be good to briefly list a few gifts that we can consider “green gifts”. Maybe some of you are more prepared and already bought everything they needed but for us, as well as 47% of shoppers, the clock is racing and we have to do a last-minute shopping moment. But why not do something really new and surprising instead stressful shopping experience ? Here is an idea offering greener gifts rather then the typical made in china goods that will eventually end up on a dusty shelf. Especially when we know how much Christmas costs to the environment.

So why not try something special this year? Something that could really surprise your loved ones and do good for the planet?

In a world where you are driven to consume from the moment you were born till after you died, there are gifts that are worth a thousand gifts and don’t cost so much to you nor the planet. How many of you remember all the physical gifts you receive over the years? Maybe only a few that were remarkable because they meant something, but most of the time, we forget.

This is why The GreenPick has decided to only offer experiences this year. Between a trip to Costa Rica and a cooking workshop, experiences will let an unforgettable memory. We have decided to list 5 ideas to help you could choose greener and memorable gifts

A trip to somewhere

Even though this doesn’t seem very original, it is always such a pleasure to receive such a present. Denis offered me a trip to Brazil this January as a Christmas gift. So much nicer than anything else, especially for me, a travel addict! If you have a tiny budget but you still want to buy a trip to someone you love, you can check cheapest flights with Skyscanner and choose a green airline or even without flying, you can also share a car (in Europe we have this great platform called Blablacar to find trustable co-travelers and drivers). Or without even going anywhere far, you can choose to simply spend a night outside your routine in a nice hotel nearby or a short trip to a place you’ve never been in your region. Many ideas exist, just depends on your budget.

A symbol

Who never dreamed of leaving something that could last generations after generations? Why not offering to name a tree after your loved one ? This is a funny gift, symbolic and can last hundreds of year. That exists for trees, but you could also do the same with animals. WWF has huge a list of animals you can adopt. You can also sponsor a child in need and make your loved one the sponsor. The good thing about all those gifts is that they have tax returns advantages. So good for the planet and for your wallet 😉

A handmade gift or green-gift

Many associations, or websites offer “green gifts” for you or for children. The brand GreenToys in the US develops specials sustainable gifts for your children from babies to toddlers and more. Eartheasy proposes eco-friendly gifts for adults and children alike, from birdhouses to mushroom kits! If your loved ones are more into technologies, you can buy many eco-tech gadgets or products, eco smartphones or brands that are developing green high-tech products. Additionally, you can also check this blog, the Treehugger to find more green gifts.

Or you could craft it yourself for the most creatives. A nice video montage or photo frame is always such a nice and personalized gift!

A second hand

We’ll never say it enough, but there are plenty of people trying to resell their products. Why not try a second-hand? Less expensive and less harmful for the environment. You have tons of websites for second hands, from Ebay to Amazon or even now some retailers start to sell second-hand products (electronics, furniture, vintage deco etc…) So many ideas depending on your needs. Sometimes second hands can be great opportunities when you have a small budget and when you care of the planet. Second-hand clothing is becoming a very popular trend for example as for this startup which raised $81 millions in funding. Many options already exist and we would strongly recommend that instead of new products if you want to be greener.

An experience

Last year, we received a gift box for adventurers. We decided to go for a sailing experience. It was super fun, memorable.  An experience will last forever in someone’s mind which is why, you can make this Christmas memorable by also offering an experience over a product Made in China.

For most people; a gift that truly pleases someone is a gift that expresses something sweet about the person you are offering it to.  The value can also play an important role for some people, but a gift should not be restricted to its financial value. The dedication you put in finding it, the time you allocated to create/plan it or the self-investment you have committed into it, those are elements that have a greater value than the price of the gift.

There are always ways to please our family and friends without spending too much or consuming products that are harmful to the environment for a greener Christmas. So if you still have last-minute shopping to do, those ideas should help you find something nice and green 🙂

5 green christmas gifts ideas

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