Did you really think there were only sunbathing and beaching activities in the Provence region and French Riviera? So many unusual activities can be done!

The adventures and the experiences, it is what we all seek when we travel. Or at least, this is one of the essentials of a successful trip. We could not try all the unusual activities and ecologists of this list but it is on the schedule. Meanwhile this list is made by locals and with a lot of hard work!

1. Sleep in a tree

sleep in a tree what to do in nice unusual activities french riviera

Have you ever dreamt about doing this? Well, the owners of the following places definitely have!
Whether it’s your childhood’s tree house or hanging mini-palaces, these new huts offer 4 stars comfort,
including a Jacuzzi on the terrace. These spots have been built in a way to respect the local flora and
landscaping while not compromising on comfort and adding a touch of craziness and adventure like this suspended white ball – there is something for every taste! Be careful to reserve in advance as these huts are in high demand!
To reserve there are two websites to cater for that:

Les Cabanes de France ou Hebergement Insolite 

Price : about 100 euros per night

2. Take the aperitif while suspended on a cliff, most thrilling unusual activities in the French Riviera!

sleep on a cliff unique activities french riviera what to do in nice

And for the more courageous types, also sleep there! A sports center in Toulon offers this cool activity.
You can sleep on the edge of the cliff – I tell you, guaranteed sensations!


3. Spend the night like a hobbit and look for ‘my precious’!

Small hobbit lookalike houses in a meadow surrounded by donkeys – pretty much a perfect
environment for kids and a real hunt for the ring that’s going to inspire people regardless of age!Les Cabanes du Varon will inspire all ages!

cabanes du varon what to do in nice unusual activities french riviera

4. Do yoga on a paddle board in Agay !

Traditional yoga sessions go crazy! It’s a truly unusual activity aimed at yoga enthusiasts. I honestly think that in my case it would be more like yoga in the water than on the paddleboard! But in any case, if you want to improve your balance, there’s nothing more effective!


5. Try the Tahitian adventure

Having lived myself in Tahiti, I adore the Polynesian culture, its dance shows, its canoe competitions in
the lagoon. My mum practiced canoeing so this sport is something that resonates well with my
childhood memories. Canoeing is a bit like rowing, a team sport. This Tahitian Adventure Center
proposes you to travel 20000km in one afternoon while taking in the natural beauty of the Lerins

tahitian adventure french riviera france what to do in nice

6. A night under the stars at the Observatory

Who hasn’t dreamt of traveling to space? In the absence of the possibility of paying for a space shuttle
journey why not at least dream under the starry sky of the Alpes de Haute Provence?

https://www.saintveran-astronomie.com/tarif.html or http://www.obs-bp.net/tourisme

7. Visit a honey house

This honey house proposes to rediscover the real honey that comes from the synergy between bees and men, which reminds us that we need bees in order to survive. It doesn’t hurt that it promises to mesmerize the taste buds of young and old alike!

8. Visit an olive oil factory

Are you craving to test unique local flavors? Why not go for an organic olive oil tasting at the Moulin d’Opio? In this mill you will see how Mediterranean olive oil is produced.

olive oil factory french riviera what to do on the french south of france

9. Eat in a vegan restaurant : is that unusual?

For some this experience is maybe not so special, but for others the idea is still truly original. The Vegoresto website reviews all vegan restaurants in France and you will find several on the coast serving very good food costing less from an ecological perspective.

vegan burger unusual activities french riviera

10. Eco volunteering in the Mediterranean

Whether it’s a one week mission or just for the day, this association allows you do to something for the planet, while discovering the breathtaking nature that deserves to be protected from the massive tourism on the Cote d’Azur and its surroundings. Contact Cybelle Planet at Ecotourism Paca for the list of projects that you could join!

Cybelle website or Ecotourisme PACA

ecotourism unusual activity french riviera Mediterranean region

11. Do wakeboarding

Have you ever heard of wakeboarding? Me neither before last weekend! It’s a nice day activity to do at Puget sur Argens. On the lake 5 tow pylons have been installed – they form a loop that allows for practicing various sports that require sliding such as wakeboarding, water ski and kneeboard!

wakeboard unusual activities french riviera provence south of france

12. The bison of Haute Provence

A 700-hectare sanctuary that shelters bison and wild horses proposes thematic trips, wellbeing trips, adventurous journeys such as carriage safaris or even a scientific trip with biologists available on the spot to introduce you to research work. Moreover, this 100% eco-touristic park offers accommodation in ecological huts with bioclimatic rooms that respect the environment.

unusual activities french riviera provence what to do on the french riviera

13. A sound brunch

Mas des Escaravatiers offers brunch, lunch or dinner while enjoying music from known bands such as Cocoon or Morcheeba. As far as food is concerned, there are 3 food trucks out of which for sure 1 offers vegetarian and vegan dishes! Perfect for an outdoor outing in a magical setting, enjoying the sound of nature and fantastic music!

14. Caving

caving on the french riviera unusual things to do on the French riviera and provence

Do you have the soul of an explorer or do you simply crave to engage in something adventurous? I can assure you that this experience is intense, taking you between narrow passages and galleries filled to the brim with stalactites. Moreover, it’s physically demanding! Cave lovers you won’t be disappointed! For approximately 60 euros per person I strongly recommend you choose this activity!

Translation & Copy Editing by Liana Marinoiu

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