Travel in 2017! This is one of your good resolution? Consider this top destinations for 2017 which are all reinforcing sustainable tourism.

Wondering what are the 2017 destinations?  You should definitely travel 2017, but where to go to find authenticity? Where to live the wildest adventures? Or simply where to relax in a picturesque setting?

This year it is the year of sustainable or responsible tourism according to UNWTO. And among the top destinations of 2017, most are setting up ecotourism schemes or just trying sustainable development. Like what, sustainable tourism seem to go hand in hand with the tourist trends of the moment!

  • Cuba; attracting more and more tourists in travel 2017 trends

cuba top destination 2017 trend destinations

Cuba will be a trendy destination in 2017. In 2016, the island inbound tourism  increased by 15% and so far the trend is still on the rise. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said Cuba is the only country that has achieved the level of sustainable development (Living Planet report). Cuba has earned good points because it is the only country in the world with a good level of social development, encompassing an excellent health system, education, and consuming sustainable products. In addition, if you are a diving enthusiast, you will not be disappointed.

  • Ethiopia; a new hot trend for travelers

ethiopia top destinations 2017

Deprived of gas and oil in its subsoil, the country has no choice but to rely on renewable energies. Its main wealth: water. Ethiopia intends to develop its sustainable energy, notably thanks to hydraulic dams and wind turbines which have been multiplied by 5.

Ethiopia, a country rich in traditions with surprisingly diverse biodiversity, is becoming one of the new trendy destinations in Africa. If you are looking for tours nearest to the local people, trek in an incredible nature, you can book with the agency Ethiopia EcoTours. And above all it is still a destination untouched by the massive flow of tourists.

  • India; Incredible India, Resourceful

india destinations 2017 kerala trendy destinations

India has made tremendous efforts and invested quite a bit of money in marketing since 2015 to promote the country as the flagship destination of 2017. India will be one of the flagship destinations of 2017. Unfortunately the country has still enormous Progress towards sustainable development. A destination in India, however, makes the difference. Kerala, is one of the most popular “green” destinations of 2017. Located in southern India, the local population, wish to multiply efforts to make this region a 100% sustainable destination. Its airport has recently become the world’s first 100% solar powered.

  • Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, forgotten destinations

kazakhstan top destinations 207 where to go in 2017

Kazakhstan is a country whose authenticity and the picturesque side have been spared. Since the end of the USSR, Central Asia has been abandoned by tourism. Kazakhstan is developing its tourism facilities and is multiplying projects to promote its magnificent nature and traditions, preserved for generations. A series of ecotourism activities, such as nature discovery in the vast steppes of the country, trekking, rafting and climbing in the extraordinary mountain system of the Tian Shan, Chinese name of the “Celestial Mountains”, which stretch along Of the southeastern confines of the country.

  • Chile; destination of 2017 for ecotourism?

chile top destinations 2017 trendy destinations

Between nature, discovery and culture, your holidays are going to be unforgettable! Ecotourism is relatively developed in Chile, especially when it comes to Patagonia. Chile is one of the most popular countries in the world for its environmental qualities. It is regularly ranked in the top 10 when it comes to environmental protection, sustainable tourism development, social protection or human rights.

  • Nepal; for hiking lovers

nepal destinations phares de 2017 top tendances destinations 2017

Since the earthquake in 2014, the country has suffered from a sharp decline in number of tourists. Nepal is a popular destination for eco-responsible travelers. Indeed, activities such as trekking, hiking, outdoor activities are often the most appreciated in the country. As a result, the country is developing towards this direction, promoting responsible, ethical and cultural tourism. With Responsible Travel you can choose eco-responsible tours to do in the beautiful scenery of the country. “Imagine a world without cars, without noise, without pollution, without advertising posters, without stress … Does this seem utopian? So discover Chitwan, its national park and nature reserve in the heart of Nepal and at the foot of the Himalayas.”

  • Malta; an island rich in all areas

malta destination 2017 top trendy destination 2017

Do you like scuba diving? And you like the islands? Malta is an exciting island, with a mix of cultures making it truly unique. The town of Valette is very nice, full of colors and you won’t be disappointed by local gastronomy. Prefer species of fish that are not endangered or threatened by overfishing. In any case, Malta is one of the destinations of travel 2017 trends thanks to affordable prices for flights and well-established infrastructure for tourists.

  • Antigua and Barbuda; combining luxury and ecology

antigua destination 2017 top travel trends 2017

One of the new trends of travel 2017, Antigua and Barbuda specialized in health and wellness tourism combining this trend with nature tourism. The resorts are becoming more and more ecological and many wedding organizers specialize in 100% green wedding for tourists wishing to celebrate their wedding on the island. Green is synonymous with luxury on this island, for the greatest pleasure of tourists!

top travel trends 2017 top destinations 2017

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