As part of a community that puts an extra premium on the world we live in and sees ways past the obvious advantages of traveling, it’s good to know how we have plenty of sensible options out there. Add those to the fact that with today’s advancements in technology, it has become simple to research and be involved in eco-friendly practices even while on vacation, and we’ve got the ideal recipe for a guilt-free trip. Going green while traveling has never been so easy.

Forbes contributor Andrew Bender wrote an article about how a little over two-thirds of travelers prefer environment-conscious hotels. This statistic even encompasses considerations at local restaurants and transportation methods. The polarizing impacts of technology have been well documented throughout the years. For now, it’s important to build on the positives and realize how to take advantage of these advancements, specifically when it comes to traveling.

By examining the brains behind a country’s homegrown business, we can’t help but get a more particular sense of connection. In a way, we, together with the whole local community, can appreciate its success and look ahead at what’s in store in the future. Let’s take the United Kingdom, for instance.

In the UK, anything from online entertainment operators to multiple star hotels get a kick out of making a difference. For one, there’s Gala Coral, an Internet-based company that aside from owning the likes of Gala Bingo, is constantly bagging awards for being trustworthy members of society. Gaming Intelligence Awards cited the gaming firm as Socially Responsible Operator of the Year, a distinction given to only the most honorable companies in the industry. The same also goes for high-profile hotel, Park Inn by Radisson.

Going Green While Traveling uk responsible travel

Park Inn by Radisson near Heathrow Airport in London is a four-star hotel adored by business travelers and casual tourists alike. In addition, it promotes eco-friendly features and sustainable living properties to its guests. The Green Tourism program applauds Park Inn, due the hotel’s conscious effort to positively affect the city’s environment and local economy, as well as sustaining its cultural heritage. Unlike many conventional hotels that consume more than 200 gallons of water a day, Radisson’s mission is to minimize waste generation and reduce water consumption significantly using eco-friendly fixtures.

All in all, being socially responsible and going green isn’t just limited to big corporations. We, in our own little way, can make a huge difference and ultimately leave an affirmative stamp on the world. So let’s do our part, research, patronize, and enjoy the benefits of travel in a green, eco-friendly way.