You're not going back to school but going on holidays? Discover some of our top green fall destinations for 2016!

Winter is approaching yet for some of us it’s not time to go back to school just yet!!! It’s time to get inspired in order to know where to travel this fall depending on what you’re looking for. The fall destinations listed below are places that could benefit from a little more sustainable tourism. Moreover, autumn is the ideal time to pay them a visit, so let’s go!

Green Fall Destinations in September

fall destinations 2016 where to go in september

Small-medium budgets:

If you are looking for gastronomic and cultural tourism go to Moldova! The scorching hot summer (around 40°C) gives way to milder temperatures. The month of September is first and foremost the month of grapes in Moldova, sun kissed clusters of delicious grapes. And of course they are organic as Moldovans use almost no pesticides. It’s been the best grapes I’ve ever tasted in my life. And also try the Moldovan wine, very well known back in the day of the Soviet Union and today beginning to gain a reputation in Europe. For more information about Moldova you can check out this article.

All of Europe benefits from pleasant temperatures in the month of September, especially around the Mediterranean Sea if you are looking for spending some time at the beach.

Northern Spain is magnificent in September, the food is exceptional (considered amongst the best in Spain) and you might even consider making the Santiago de Compostella route that’s open to all and has become very popular in recent years. This route is busiest in September.[show_more more=”Continue reading” less=”Go Back”]

Greece also enjoys excellent temperatures and the whole country is trying to promote ecotourism in order to protect its fragile nature. In Greece, promoting ecotourism is essential, since it would allow for a transformation of a greedy cotton industry that utilizes significant amounts of water into a sustainable tourism that protects farmers who are desperate for lacking water resources.[/show_more]


Medium – High Budgets:

Madagascar has suffered terribly in recent years due to deforestation and the destruction of more than 75% of its native forests. Endemic species such as the lemur (the smallest known primate) are in danger of becoming extinct. The solution? Building a sustainable tourism and developing ecotourism. September is the ideal month for this country and you have everything, the beach and the forest. 

The Pacific (Fiji and other islands bound to disappear) is more suitable for bigger budgets though. The Pacific is full of islands (more than 20 000) some of which will disappear due to global warming. Promoting these regions and their respective cultures will be a way to help them while enjoying landscapes that are worthy of 5 star documentaries.

Finally, you could go to the Unites States to the Yellowstone National Park, in the state of Wyoming, enjoying ideal temperatures and a much lower number of tourists. 

Green Fall Destinations in October

fall destinations 2016 where to go in october

Small-medium budgets:

The place that stole our hearts from the point of view of nature, the beach and also food? The Canary Islands – you can find the national park of Garajonay, numerous splendid isolated beaches, dauphins that migrate around the islands and the incredible scenery accompanying the walks around Teide Mountain. You must do all of the above activities, see and protect this place. It is in the Canary Islands that a project for an island with 100% autonomous renewable energy has seen the light of day (El Hierro).

The Balcans: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in particular. These countries are visited by few tourists, yet if you are looking for a cultural and gastronomic type of tourism while enjoying amazing landscapes, it’s there that you should travel to, especially since the prices are very affordable and the months of September-October are very pleasant. In Kazakhstan you could visit the Charyn Canyon and enjoy Astana. In Uzbekistan you could observe the cotton harvesting which is destroying the country and has been greatly contributing to the desiccation of the Aral Sea. The development of a sustainable tourism in these countries would allow the transition of the national economies currently mainly based on the cultivation of cotton.

Medium to high budgets:

South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania are obviously great choices as fall destinations to go on safari in the natural reservations or do whale watching on the South African coasts. Be careful to always choose a travel agency that promotes responsible practices and isn’t simply looking to make money on the backs of tourists craving for exotic experiences

The landscapes in Nepal – a country that benefits from the post-monsoon weather – are sparkling green. And it only rains very little here. You could go trekking in magnificent Nepalese mountains, thus feeling closest to local culture. Nepal has been strongly developing its ecotourism for some years now. Thanks to this type of tourism, several conservation projects have been fruitful such as the one from Annapurna. A great success for the responsible tourist!

The month of October is also very much suitable to go to Brazil, especially in the Northern part, in order to revel in one of the most beautiful natural reserves in the country – the Chapada Diamantina. The Amazon can also be on your list since till mid-October the region is in its “dry season” although it’s never too dry actually. Pay close attention to the travel agencies that you choose for the Chapada Diamantina trek. They are not all environmentally responsible. Ours was run by a biologist and we appreciated the personnel’s knowledge and the affordable prices. 

Green Fall Destinations in November

fall destinations 2016 where to go in november the greenpick

Small to medium budgets:

There are no real solutions to engage in a more natural tourism than to make some mountain trips taking advantage of the first snow. The extreme Southern Spain and Italy benefit from good temperatures still at this time of the year. So you could go there and spend a couple of days. Same goes for the Mallorca islands. However, for the small budget travelers ecotourism remains limited in the month of November. Just focus then on urban tourism and visit “green” cities like the ones in the Nordics for example! European capitals are perfect fall destinations!

Medium to high budget :

You’ve probably already heard of Burma or Myanmar, a country in rapid development, that proposes numerous “eco-touristic routes” that are nothing but fancy naming. In fact the eco-touristic travel agencies offer tours to ride elephants, which is absolutely not recommended if you love elephants. We have discovered some agencies that propose truly eco-touristic tours, the Myanmar Nature Lovers. The country is attempting to develop ecotourism with the support of the EU in particular, but there is still much work to be done. Therefore it is up to you to choose wisely. [show_more more=”Continue reading” less=”Go Back”]

The weather is very pleasant in Mexico in November. For a green destination we recommend the regions of Campeche (Calakmul) and Chiapas (Laguna Miramar / Montebello Park). Many Mexican states have protected sites and the conservation of these places can only be done through responsible ecotourism. Careful here – Mexico is highly touristic so don’t place your trust in things labeled “eco-tours” or “eco-agency”.

The North of Vietnam and the fabulous Sapa region. Having said that, the region has become highly frequented since the touristic boom that has been taking place in Vietnam in recent years. Beware of scams, very frequent in Vietnam. And know that what Vietnamese people call “eco” is in fact not at all eco-touristic but just “from nature”. The majority of Vietnamese agencies don’t respect at all the environment. The agencies that we recommend for tours in Northern Vietnam: Ilikelocal and Sapasisters

Finally, Patagonia – a  perfect region for visiting in November. Winter ends and summer begins with its incredible colors and absolutely pleasant temperatures. I’ve already put it on my 2017 Bucket List![/show_more]

Translation & Copy Editing by Liana Marinoiu

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