Him? He’s Denis…

…the menace? I have heard the joke a hundred times, and I’m pretty malicious, so  am not bothered. I’m almost 30,Moldovan (you know this tiny country wedged between Romania and Ukraine …) and I work in the private sector full-time, specifically in a field that has a direct impact on the world of agro-business. I can say that I’m much more down-to-earth than Fanny is, because if there is something I have learned through my experiences is that we are uniquely able to make the impossible, possible.

denis the greenpick

My mission for the green travel blog?

As the division of roles is very important in any healthy relationship, Fanny and I chose our roles. For The GreenPick I would be a photographer, architect and site manager … And Fanny scapegoat when she’s uninspired!

Her? She’s Funny … sorry Fanny…

Just like Denis, I heard all kinds of jokes about my name. I will not expatiate but as a funny story, it happened to me several times to land in the spam box when I was sending emails!

I am French, grew up on a small island lost in the Pacific (Tahiti for those who know), and studied in Paris. I also work in  private sector as digital marketing manager. I love my job but I want to do more so I am completely dedicated to this blog. I realized that I love writing with the ultimate goal to inspire others. I sometimes dream that my tips, advice allow others to fully enjoy while doing some good by protecting the planet.

fanny the greenpick


My mission for the green travel blog?

For The GreenPick, I’m a writer, content manager and moderator, social media manager etc etc … Denis claims he is my scapegoat but he likes to look like a victim because I am an angel 🙂

About Liana?

As a contributor to the project, Liana helps us translate the French content into English. I could write in English, but I feel more comfortable in French. And Liana is doing a fabulous job giving the same tone of voice in English.

lianaRecently self-discovered yupster – an individual with a professional job in a corporate world who stays true to her (closeted ) hipster tastes with regards to music & visual arts, preference in current shared accommodation (by a lovely serene park in the west of Amsterdam) and hairstyle (I am a big fan of sporting the very popular Dutch bun). I come from a Francophile nation – Romania! – hence my passion for French and actually for languages in general. An avid world explorer with extensive experience in terms of putting together the most compact and budget-friendly vacation plans, I am hoping to be able to put to good use some of my acquired knowledge to this wonderful blog.

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