Dear GreenPickers,

Welcome to The Greenpick! We hope this blog will answer some of your questions about sustainable tourism.

The GreenPick was born during a trip to Vietnam. We traveled from Hanoi to Nha Trang by bike and had therefore the opportunity to see in details how tourism develops there. During our journey, we have been both amazed and shoked. The country is wonderful and has some pristine places that deserve to be visited. But the toursim is developing wildly, in a non-ecological way and without preserving those wonderful places.

The GreenPick is the promise of a better tourism. It is as a tool for everyone to promote restaurants and hotels best practices around the world regarding ecology and sustainable development and it aims to inspire others to grow in a more sustainable way.

The Greenpick will let you know the green hotels and restaurants in your area, know what their strengths and their green initiatives are. Each hotel will be visited and an interview will follow. The interview will be based on a survey identifying the key points for a more sustainable tourism. This questionnaire can be sent to any conscious GreenPicker who wishes to be part of this challenging adventure.

Finally, these hotels and restaurants reviews will of course be discussed on this blog, and we hope to attract many GreenPickers to send us their own opinions about hotels and restaurants that we will be happy to integrate to this site.


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