Looking for a good restaurant in London that gives you the promise of sustainable and eco-friendly practices? Here are the best of them

London’s local food scene is seeing many restaurants shift to sustainable practices. More and more restaurants are becoming environmentally conscious, while some are even going towards zero waste. It’s an exciting time to be an eco-friendly foodie in London and here are some of the city’s top sustainable restaurants.

Spring: sustainable restaurant fighting plastic use

Spring restaurant london best sustainable restaurants

An elegant dining option located in Somerset House, Spring is a major advocate against food waste. They created a ‘scratch menu’ which are dishes made from overlooked ingredients and food that would otherwise be chucked in the bin. Food that is deemed unattractive is often thrown or left unused especially by restaurants who care about aesthetic appeal. Food waste produces greenhouse gases and takes up massive amounts of landfill space. It is not only incredibly wasteful; it is also ethically wrong, as there are millions of people dying of hunger and malnutrition across the world. Owner and head chef Syke Gygell is also taking bigger steps towards sustainability by aiming to reduce the restaurant’s plastic waste, starting with banning plastic straws. As a bonus, you can explore Somerset House, which used to be a palace.

Duke of Cambridge : the first organic and ethical pub in London

duke of cambridge top sustainable restaurant in london

There is only one certified organic pub in London and it can be found in Islington. The Duke of Cambridge prides itself on being profitable while remaining an ethical and sustainable venture, according to an article by the Huffington Post. The pub partnered with a local farm so they can source their produce. The menu changes depending on what’s available locally and what’s in season.

Manuka Kitchen : responsibly sourced ingredients

manuka kitchen london best sustainable restaurants

Manuka Kitchen promises to serve seasonal, responsibly sourced dishes. All ingredients are obtained from local suppliers, which the restaurant details on their website and is the reason why the menu options rotate. Cooking with local ingredients is important to the environment as the carbon footprint naturally reduces as the distance the food travels decreases. It also contributes to the local community instead of supporting big food factories that continue to harm the planet. Manuka Kitchen is a stone’s throw away from Fulham Broadway with its great selection of shops and is also extremely close to the iconic Stamford Bridge. The stadium is home to Chelsea Football Club, and Ladbrokes details how it is right next to the Thames. So, if you choose to go there at the weekend, it could get very busy, as there will be lots of football fans around the area on match day looking for something to eat and drink.

Cub : all about recycling methods and organic tastes

cub restaurant london top sustainable restaurant london

Cub is one of those hip joints that pays attention to detail. The furniture is made from recycled materials and Cubs’ table tops are fashioned from old yoghurt containers with the walls made from recycled clay. The food and drinks are also outstanding; you’ll be served such delicious fare as Brined Tomato, Confit Leek, and Belvedere vodka. The dishes and the drinks also change regularly so something that you loved on your first visit might not be there the next time you come back. Cub is very experimental, but the ingredients are simple, fresh, and delicious.

Tiny Leaf : zero waste restaurant focusing on organic supply

leaf restaurant london top sustainable restaurant london

Tiny Leaf is another restaurant that aims to make use of unwanted food before it turns into waste. In fact, it’s a zero-waste restaurant. Owners Alice Gilsenan and Justin Horne grow their own herbs and vegetables in a vertical garden and leftovers are then put into compost. The dishes, like the potato and cauliflower gobi are all plant-based and fantastic. The restaurant is located near Notting Hill, so after exploring the famous filming site where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant made cinematic history, we suggest having a fancy and light brunch at Tiny Leaf. The food is very light but well-seasoned. It’s perfect for those conscious foodies who want to eat out, watch their waistlines, and still be friendly to the environment.

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