Between mountain and sea, Eze village will allow you to travel through the Medieval times while enjoying breathtaking landscapes on the French Riviera.

History and old buildings lovers, or simply looking for breathtaking views, Eze village is the perfect place to stroll, dream and enjoy. This village is amazing. Located at 419 meters above sea level, between Nice and Monaco, you will enjoy an authentic and typical architecture of medieval times while visiting small artisan shops in the village. The freshness of the stone and the perfect preservation of this place make it a fabulous place.

What to see in Eze Village?

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I especially liked the narrow streets, at the end of which you could find small passages under an arch that takes you to another tiny street. A real little maze in which each street is a delight for the eyes. The village is not only well preserved but very ornate and embellished by an omnipresent vegetation, from the bougainvillea climbing over the old rocks to the shrub growing in front of a cafe.

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And the icing on the cake is this beautiful exotic garden. The entrance fee is € -6 – for adults and free for children under 12 years. This is worth every single euro spent. Indeed, the garden features incredible botanical species and for most … native of Central America. Agaves, huge cactus or aloe have made their nest in the warm climate, relatively dry and sunny of the Côte d’Azur. The garden also has works of art including sculptures by Jean-Philippe Richard. Those fifteen slender statues represent women inviting their audience to meditate with them. These earth goddesses are sending a message that summarizes perfectly what can be felt while strolling in the garden of Eze village

“Silent promises of indescribable happiness, I look at you and that is enough.”

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The view is so impressive from the garden and if you have good weather, you can see up to Corsica! So get your cameras and phones because you’ll be able to make the selfie that will make you the star of the day on your Facebook or Instagram!

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In summary, the places to see in Eze Village:

  • The Poterne  : Double fortified gate from the 14th century which is located at the entrance of the village and is also its only access.
  • The parish Church:  more recent, from the 18th century
  • The cemetery where is burried a famous French actor Francis Blanche)
  • The Chapel of the White Penitents: a well preserved building from the 14th century. This is the place  where  the laymen of the White Penitents Brotherhood, a secular group taking care of the poor and the lepers, were meeting.
  • The exotic Garden : you will find an interactive map and the history of this garden here. 

You can also go to the Eze Tourist Office where employees will welcome you and will not hesitate to explain the interesting places to visit and give you some tips. The tourist office is located near the car parking outside the medieval village.

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Practical and ecological issues


Eze village has two parking lots below the historic village (one is visible from the road and the other is located just behind the shops. Parking is not free (about 2 € per hour) and is often full, so it’s pretty difficult to park. Warning! Eze village is located at the top of the town of Eze, on the middle ledge! it is well indicated on the road.

To reach the village, we recommend the bus. Several bus lines depart from Nice to get to the village. This will avoid parking problems, cost you € 1,50 and will be more environmentally friendly! Line 82, 112, 116 100 and 83 all go to the village. Ask your hotel if you want more information on bus stops.

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For the more adventurous, you can also hike the famous Nietzsche trail, starting from Eze seaside (on the Basse Corniche) and climbing up to Eze village. This hike has apparently inspired Nietzsche into writing his book Thus Spoke Zarathustra. We didn’t get the time to do it but next time for sure, we will go! This hike is well indicated and you can find plenty of information on Google Maps or even directly in the city of Eze.


Eze village entrance is free, on the entrance to the Exotic Garden costs 6 euros. All the other interest points are free. On the other side, if you want to eat or drink, be aware that prices are a bit high. Count 4 euros for a cool drink and about 15 euros for a sandwich with a drink and dessert. Eze also has its share of fine dining with panoramic views. Expensive but impressive views. Also, there are several public toilets in the village itself and nearby the Tourist Office. They are not free though, you need to get coins as it costs 50cts per journey.


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The town of Eze has also set up a local town plan to protect this exceptional site and conserve biodiversity recognized by various organism of environmental protection (including Natura 2000) and the beautiful landscape that this place owns. The urbanization of the hills of Eze is regulated only since recently to prevent the destruction of green areas of the municipality.

Moreover, these constructions are struggling to connect to the Nice city sewage station because of the hills, leading to a discharge of 24% of wastewater from the town of Eze directly into the nature. This is a problem that the city of Eze attempts to resolve for a few years already. For now, as tourists, we need to be careful qbout our water usage in the city. Given the lack of green hotels in Eze, we also recommend you guest rooms or seasonal rentals if you want to stay in the area.

You will also see some recycling bins in the village but they are still few in our opinion.

eze environmental protection local regional products

If you plan a holiday on the French Riviera, Eze is a must-see. Allow about 2-3 hours to visit it all.

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