Greece is an amazingly beautiful country. The food, people and above all, the nature are what make this country so special. Ecotourism should be the only way to visit this country

Ecotourism is primarily about sustainable accommodations and environmentally responsible activity. But when you think about taking a trip that falls under this umbrella, chances are you’re seeking out natural beauty as well. A trip revolving around nature and the environment is all the more impactful if you happen to be enjoying a beautiful destination – and it doesn’t get much more beautiful than Greece.

As of 2015, Greece still ranked 15th on List25’s countdown of the most visited countries in the world. This is due in part to the ancient history that can be observed throughout the country, but it’s likely that it also comes down to the fact that some of the tiny islands, and seaside towns offer unparalleled postcard imagery. People want to go to Greece simply to soak up the natural wonder of the region, and in some ways that makes it perfect for the environmentally responsible traveler.

With that in mind, here are some spots you might consider if you’re looking into a trip to Greece.

Pelion: a greek gem

Pelion is actually a mountain on the Aegean Sea, but the surrounding area is sometimes called by the same name. It’s a perfect place for a relaxed getaway – less crowded than some of the more famous coastal regions and island, but every bit as stunning. Small beaches and hiking trails between villages give you plenty to do without spending a dime or engaging in any kind of environmentally questionable activity. And you can even stay in a charming old guesthouse built with eco-friendliness in mind. The Orchard Guesthouse is singled out by Ecotourism-Greece as one with some of the “coziest and most charming quarters” to enjoy in Greece. The apartments are build primarily with wood and stone, giving them an old, natural feel, though not without modern amenities like Wi-Fi and modern bathrooms.

pelion greece ecotourism

Skiti; a must-do in Greece

This can be one of the most fun places to stay in Greece. The Eos Guesthouse in town is a wonderful option for eco-friendly travelers, and the surrounding area is full of opportunities for recreation in nature. You can hike pretty trails, sail on the Aegean, and go kayaking. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can even travel a short distance to the north and explore Olympus National Park. It’s easy to think of Olympus as a fictional location. It’s most famous for mythology, and now serves as the foundation for a series of online games featured at Slotsource. In these slot games, as well as in several films, Olympus is presented as the literal home of the ancient Greek gods – to the point that a lot of people these days may not even realize it’s real! But it is very real, and you can hike it if you’re feeling ambitious. It’s a nice day trip if you’re staying in Skiti.

Halkidiki: best getaway

This is a region just southeast of Thessaloniki, famous for its three peninsulas that jut down into the Aegean. There are gorgeous villages and beachside destinations where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation without worrying about specific attractions, and there happens to be a well-known eco-tourism resort as well. It’s called the Oreiades Guesthouse, located on the Sithonia peninsula (the middle one), and set at an altitude of 350 meters above the nearby sea level. The hillside guesthouse is built near the village of Parthenonas, and in close proximity to hiking trails through forests of olive trees. It’s an ideal tranquil getaway.

halkidiki greece ecotourism