Valentine's Day, a commercial day, but still, many of us like to celebrate it. So for you and for the planet, here are some Valentine's Day meaningful gift ideas.

The best Valentine’s Day meaningful gifts are always those offered from the bottom of your heart and those which are the most meaningful. And certainly receiving a last-minute gift – yes women do know when you forgot-is ultimately not that meaningful, memorable and unlikely sustainable. Indeed, a box of chocolate bought in the supermarket is not really an eco-friendly and thoughtful gift   !

best valentine's day gift

Although I am not a big of a fan of commercial celebrations like this one, especially when it involves buying products made at the other side of the world or made of plastic. However, it’s always nice to greet the person we love and whether it is during the Valentine’s Day or any other time, why not have fun in a sustainable way   ?

This year for Denis, I’m planning a candlelit meal and a good massage ! For his part I’m sure he’ll bring me a plant, he knows I love the green and I miss it a lot now, living in an apartment. Anyway, here is a little list of sustainable and eco-friendly gifts to offer during Valentine’s Day, to avoid chocolate, often from Africa and enriched in palm oil .

  • A romantic massage with organic essential oils

You do not know how to massage? No problem! With YouTube you can become a massage pro in a few hours ! Several tutorials and massage guides are available online like this one: 


For those who need essential oils, prefer organic ones like this ones :

Organic Personal Lubricant & Massage Oil – Natural Lube For Men and Women With Extra Nourishing, Hydrating, Soothing Ingredients. Edible, Non Toxic, Paraben Free Formula.

  • A dance class

best valentine's gift ecofriendly dance class

Recently Denis offered me a salsa class for the both of us and we eventually ended up continuing to practice. This is really a great gift if you like to dance. A highly recommended couple activity. Perfect for reconnecting to each other and forcing oneself to return to harmony even when we are upset. Courses you can find everywhere in your city. A little research on Ecosia or Google and go for the hint of love   😊

  • Durable and organic brands and clothing

If you really want to buy a physical present, let’s opt for a responsible and environmentally friendly  present. Cosmetics and clothes made organically in an eco-friendly way will always be a nice way to say I love you and I would like us to preserve the future together, for our future children … What’s more romantic   ?

ecofashion organic clothing sustainable brands for valentine's day

For example, brands like Oxfam, Everlane or People Tree, offering organic cotton clothing, or Patagonia, which is one of the brands of sportswear and Outdoor’re greener than I know, are good examples for gifts for valentine green. But there are now, many designers and eco-friendly clothing manufacturers who decided to go green.

Alternative Women’s Lazy Day Pullover, Washed Black, Large

MARCOREPUBLIC Rome Memory Foam Cushion Womens Low Platform Heels Comfort Pumps – (Black Nubuck) – 10

  • Oranic and vegan cosmetics

As for cosmetics, try brands like Inika or CoverFX, 100% vegan, 100% organic. Those brands really try to bring the most natural and the most quality to your skin without impacting the environment. 

Organic Tinted Lip Balm by Sky Organics – 4 Pack Assorted Colors –- With Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E- Minty Lip Plumper for Dry, Chapped Lips- Tinted Lip Moisturizer. Made in USA

  • A candlelight dinner in an eco-friendly restaurant

candlelight vegan dinner for valentine's day

If you really don’t have time or simply if you do not know to cook, you should try a different cuisine for once, even if you are not vegetarian or vegan why not try this cruelty-free and healthier cuisine ? Happy Cow is listing all the different vegan restaurants around the worldReally handy if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan food. Thus, not only it will be an eco-friendly evening , but you will have a great culinary experience that I’m sure you will remember!

  • Sponsoring of his favorite animal

If your loved one loves animals, why not offer her or him a pet sponsorship   ? Be it a wild animal or an animal in a shelter, make a donation in his name . I did it for Denis, he was godfather of a little orangutan Nela in Indonesia, orphan because of the deforestation that killed his mother. He liked it so much that he hung the frame with his picture in our room   !

Several associations to sponsor an animal   :

Sponsor a dog from Asia

Adopt a wild animal

Sponsor a rescued animal

  • Plant a tree

A symbolic and ecological gift!

plant a tree for valentine's day

Whether it’s a tree to grow yourself, with a gift box or by sponsoring a tree in a distant country or even in a National park in the US to re-forest, thanks at associations like or  OneTree Planted, there are many ways to make a gift that can not be less romantic! A tree that grows in the same way as the love of 2 beings! And a gift that also saves the planet? I am in!

  • Start a fundraising

Additionally, you could even start a fund-raising for a good cause. For my birthday I asked my friends not to offer me anything but to give for an association that is cleaning up the oceans. I got about 200$. That’s not much but that’s better than a gift which would have ended in the back of my wardrobe!

Finally my best advice for your Valentine’s evening to be a success is to drop your phone or other screen and really pay attention to each other, trying to communicate and to love each other. Gifts are superficial and often fall into oblivion, while sharing with the person you love is an unforgettable memory . So think carefully before you throw in a purchase of last minute gifts of poor quality and really very generic. Prefer a symbolic gesture that will make it the most romantic and the best of the Valentine’s meaningful gifts.

valentines day meaningful gifts ecofriendly presents

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