Looking for a way to spend a greener and more sustainable New Year Eve? Here are a few tips to do so wherever you are in the world!

Looking to celebrate new year eve in the best way possible? The GreenPick too!

Hopefully you will spend a great time with friends and/or family counting down together drinking a glass of champagne. But before that, you have to decide on what to do. The GreenPick wanted to share a short list of ways that you could get inspiration from to ensure that New Year’s eve will not only celebrate 2016 but also a new year for our Earth! So here are a few ideas and they are applicable wherever you are in the world!

  • Avoid Driving

For many reasons, we advise you not to take the car on the New Year’s eve. Not only because you may have zipped a little more alcohol than usual but also because others will probably have too and the roads will be a real danger! So strong recommendations for your health and for the planet’s health: take the public transportation or walk.

  • Have a Meat-Free Dinner

Why not? After all even if you are not a veggie, you could think of many reasons why you could have a meat free dinner on the NYE:

  1. Meat isn’t that healthy because we tend to consume too much of it. Besides the fact it can increase your cholesterol and your blood pressure, you could actually double this effect by combining it with alcohol. So we know good resolutions only come at midnight on the 1st of January, but why not start 2016 a little healthier?
  2. Proteins take longer to digest. You could actually exhaust your digestive tube and feel tiredness before midnight. And not even mentioning, the fact that the wanted effect of alcohol dizziness would take longer to kick in.
  3. Good meat is expensive and if you are the host of the party, just be pragmatic.
  4. Meat is old-fashioned, now organic and vegan style dinners are more trendy and hipster
  • Pick up a Green Restaurant

Lazy and not willing to spend your new year’s eve in the kitchen or cleaning after your guests? Then you are probably looking for restaurants. Pick a green restaurant, you will look super trendy in front of your friends and for those who don’t care, you will just make them try a new place!

  • Stay Away from Disposables

We will never repeat it enough, but stay away from disposables! Plastic glasses are convenient but a real problem for the environment! Why not try to use paper based disposables? This awesome online shop allows you to buy green disposables and even to personalize your items! Great for a successful party!

Also try not to use cans or plastic bottles or to use a maximum of bigger format rather than small ones. And ideally the next day, while cleaning, you could gather all plastics and take a small refreshing- healthy-first-of-the-year walk to bring them to recycling

  • Use Fruits and Vegetables as Tableware and Décor

Who doesn’t like food art? Especially when it looks like that?

Why not try to create your own decorations by using fruits and veggies as a base? Beautiful for the eyes and good to eat! You can make sure your guests will be impressed, or if you are less talented than planned, they will have a lot of fun discovering your creations. Could be a great way to set up the ambiance!

Get some inspiration here.

  • Buy local

Ok, you already know that if you buy local, you will support your local economy by buying produce, meat and dairy from the hardworking farmer. What is really nice about this aside from being good for the planet, it’s that you can actually enjoy the impressed look of your friends when you will them you bought this amazing cheese from a local producer. And we compared, it is not necessarily more expensive than in supermarket, except if you were tempted to serve some very cheap cheese to your guests.

Promote the above advice to your friends

If you don’t organize your NYE and let them to the hard work! And offer to help with the disposables or the food. Green your NYE and make sure to start the year in a better way. Do good and good will follow you! Nice way to ensure 2016 will start good!

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